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Calidore и последний квартет Мендельсона

В мае прошлого года школа музыки Мичиганского университета провела первый международный конкурс камерных ансамблей. Первую премию выиграл струнный квартет Калидоре; название вмещает в себя золотую Калифорнию, где музыканты познакомились друг с другом. Квартет произвёл на нас сильное впечатление и год назад на конкурсе, и вчера на первом концерте в Энн Арборском зале Хилл. В программе - самый мой любимый квартет Моцарта (К 421), некое современное произведение и во втором отделении - квартет Мендельсона (Op. 44 no. 2). Ребята вообще сказали, что по их мнению Мендельсон - самый недооценённый композитор, а наиболее недооценённые произведение у него - струнные квартеты.


На конкурсе они тоже играли струнный квартет Мендельсона, - опус 80. Этот квартет написан летом 1847 года и посвящён памяти сестры Фанни ("реквием по Фанни"), неожиданно умершей от апоплексического удара за пару месяцев до этого. А осенью от такого же удара скончается и сам Мендельсон. В октябре он ещё успел наиграть законченное произведение Исааку (Игнацу) Мошелесу, впечатления Мошелеса и некая переписка - ниже; первое публичное исполнение квартета состоялось четвёртого ноября 1848 года, ровно через год после смерти композитора. Последние две части произведения можно послушать в конце ролика

Baden-Baden, June 9, 1847.

My dear Mrs. Moscheles, — When I received
your very kind letter, but could not answer it at
once in the hurry of the last London days, I pic-
tured to myself the pleasure of writing to you in a
cheerful, pleasant tone, from some favorite spot in
Switzerland, perhaps with illustrations or some-
thing of the sort. Now all that is changed. You
know the heavy affliction which has befallen us,
and how our inward and outward life has been
shaken to its innermost depths, for a long, long
time to come, perhaps forever. I am sure you
sympathized with us in our irreparable loss, al-
though you and Moscheles knew my sister but
little. You can fancy, however, what I feel, — I,
to whom she seemed present at all times, in every
piece of music, and on all occasions, whether of
happiness or of sorrow. Indeed, such is the case
with us all ; words are nothing at such a time ; and
yet I cannot speak of anything else. Forgive me,
then, if these lines contain little else than hearty
thanks for the letter above mentioned, which was
another kindness added to the many which fol-
lowed every step of my last visit to London.

We shall not go to Switzerland under the cir-
cumstances ; for we could not now derive any real
pleasure from the journey, and probably I shall
return to the North sooner than I intended. I
often feel irresistibly drawn to Berlin, where my
youngest sister is now all alone. My brother has
been here for the last week ; and certainly nothing
can do us so much good as our walks in the woods,
the secluded and regular life we are leading here,
and, above all, the hours we spend with the chil-
dren. My brother has brought his contingent of
young people ; and they, as well as mine, are in
excellent health and spirits, and delight every-
body who sees them. C£cile too is quite well,
thank Heaven ; however, deeply afflicted.

I hope to hear a favorable account of your visit
to England, and trust you will not remain too
long ; so that the Leipzigers, and, above all, those
pianoforte pupils of yours, may get their full
share of that instruction which they are thirsting
for. The Londoners will, to be sure, say the same
thing ; but you have spent so many years amongst
them that you must now do something for the
German cockneys, or country cousins, or whatever
you may choose to call them, whose faults I know
as well as anybody, but who have also their good
and admirable qualities, provided one can get
over their cockneyism and old-fashioned ways.
But that requires time, and it is for this reason
I want you to come soon. What ! I hear you say,
that I may lose no time in getting used to the
manners and customs of the natives ? No, I an-
swer; but to help us wage war on the pigtail.

Eemember me kindly to all our dear English
friends. I need not say that this letter is meant
for Moscheles as well. Heaven grant health to
you and yours ! and remember kindly your

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Leipzig, Oct. V, 1847.

My dear Friend, — As you kindly promised me your visit for tomorrow afternoon, could you not make it convenient to stay and spend the evening with us ? And would not your wife, Mr. and Mrs. Roche, Serena, Felix, and Clara join you then, and take tea with us ? That arrangement would give great pleasure to Cecile and the children. Now, I hope you all think as they do, and will say yes, and delight

Yours (in the singular and plural),

Felix M. B.

This was the last note from the hand of Mendelssohn that Moscheles received. The days that the two friends should spend together on earth
were numbered, but nothing foreboded the hour of separation that was so soon to strike. In Moscheles's diary we find daily memoranda of the
usual friendly intercourse with Mendelssohn.

So on the 3d of October : — " In the afternoon we treated ourselves to some Fugues and Gigues of Bach's, and I was struck by Mendelssohn's intimate acquaintance with them. Then he gave us an imitation on the piano of a certain Polka which had been inflicted on him daily by a band of street musicians in Frankfurt. The trivial as well as the serious is food to his mind, and his impressions on all sides are turned to account in his compositions. "

October 5. — "I spent the whole afternoon with Mendelssohn. He was pleased to see me, and we chatted confidentially on art and artists and Leipzig affairs generally. He played me a manuscript Quartet for string instruments in F minor, the four pieces of which are all in that sombre key. The impassioned character of the whole seems to me in keeping with his present frame of mind, shaken as he is to the heart's core by the loss of his sister."

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