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VanDongen_Café Florian_Venice_1921s

Кес Ван Донген, "Кафе Флориан, Венеция", 1921.

Комментарии с аукциона

In Le Café Florian à Venise, van Dongen depicts an unidentified group of sitters, the ladies whose seductive poses and attires give an air of vibrancy and boldness to composition. The image is theatrical, and the artist has rendered the characters by accentuating their most elegant outfits, all the while featuring one of Venice's most famous and fashionable establishment. The Café Florian is located on San Marco square and was inaugurated in 1720. For van Dongen, there was no better setting than a busy piazza to see the exuberance of the times in its full splendor. Van Dongen once said, "I passionately love the life of my time so animated, so feverish! Ah! Life is even more beautiful than painting" (quoted in Denys Sutton, ed., Cornelius Theodorus Marie Van Dongen (exhibition catalogue), Tucson, 1971, p. 46).

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